One Dollar Pledge

I am commonly asked by project creators, “Should I offer a one dollar pledge option on my Kickstarter page?”

In my option, the answer is simple: Yes, you probably should. Thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people will see your Kickstarter during the time you are a live campaign. Not all of those people have need for your product or can afford to pay for your product. For these people, the one dollar pledge option is a great way for them to show their support for you and your hard work.

As you might already know, a backer CAN donate one dollar to your campaign without there being a specific one dollar pledge option. But even though YOU know this, THEY might not know it. So I think the safest bet is to offer it. I don’t think you need to worry about this pledge level resulting in people giving you less money simply because they see that they can donate only a dollar with their pledge. Ultimately, if people are in a position to be able to donate more, they will.

But as you browse through the list of the most backed and most funded projects in Kickstarter history, you will notice that different creators took different approaches to this question. Some like the Fidget Cube and offered one dollar pledge levels, others like the World’s Best Travel Jacket, Coolest Cooler, and Reading Rainbow offered five dollar pledge levels (this might actually be the best option), and others like Pebble Watches and The Everyday Backpack didn’t offer any low price pledge levels.

It’s also interesting to note how many people back those one dollar and five dollar pledge levels. Coolest Cooler, for example, had more than one thousand backers pledge towards that five dollar option. That’s more than five thousand dollars coming into your campaign that wouldn’t be coming in otherwise. Better than a kick in the pants, right?

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