Getting Ready For Day 1

You’ve got a prototype, created your page, made your video, organized your pledge levels, submitted your campaign to Kickstarter for approval, and are ready to go live! It’s a very exciting time in the journey of a Kickstarter project creator.

Your very first day is certainly one of the most important days in your entire funding period. I tell everyone I work with in their pre-launch preparations that it is vital to do one thing while getting ready for your first day on Kickstarter: Make sure EVERYONE you know (or ever have known) knows that you are launching a Kickstarter campaign, and that they know when are launching it.

But it’s important to understand that you can’t do any of this until you know what day and exactly what time on that day you are going to push that “Go Live!” button.

Send out e-mails, text messages, tweets, Facebook messages, etc, to all your contacts to make them aware of your new product. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their support. Heck, if you can’t get THEM to make a pledge, how are you going to get other people that don’t know anything about you to make a pledge (I can’t overstate how true this statement is). Many times these associates of yours will make a hearty pledge to your campaign even if they know they will never use the product. They want to support YOU! But no one will be able to support you if they don’t know about it.

My favorite pre-launch campaign countdowns have done exactly that. Once they determine a day and time, they send out messages to let everyone know and they include a link to the Kickstarter project preview page. They do daily Facebook posts counting down the days and hours to the time the Kickstarter will be a live page. Then, the next day, they send those messages and Facebook posts again. Redo this all again right when you are live with the updated link to your live campaign. The best projects will have dozens (at the very minimum) or maybe even hundreds of backers in the very first hour because of these efforts by Kickstarter creators. In fact, all these contacts of yours might even be fighting to make that very first pledge to your campaign and to become “Backer #1.”

A really strong day can have additional positive benefits simply beyond raising a lot of money in the first 24 hours. You might hit some “What’s New” lists and “What’s Popular” lists that will drive additional traffic to your Kickstarter page.
Who exactly needs to know about your campaign? Let’s take a look:

  • Immediate family members
  • Extended family members
  • Family friends
  • Personal friends
  • Co-Workers
  • Former high-school classmates and friends
  • Former college classmates and friends
  • Neighbors
  • All those other random people you have in your contact books and social media lists

I hear this a lot, and part of me even understands this fear of creators: “I don’t want to bother these people by telling them about my Kickstarter.” But let’s be honest… if they are going to be bothered by that, then you don’t want them in your contact lists anyways. 🙂

I also hear quite a bit, “My dad is going to make a pledge but he’s still waiting until I get closer to my funding goal” or “my co-worker is going to make a pledge towards the end of the funding period.” Don’t let this happen! These people need to make a pledge in your very first day to help the campaign get off to a hot start.

Phil Jackson never said, “I’m gonna wait to put Michael Jordan in the game until the end.” Michael Jordan started games, just like you need to have all your family members, friends, and associates make their pledge at the start.

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